my boys

Today I took a break from endless hours of editing and spent the day enjoying my boys. I was thinking about how fast summer time seems to be flying by when all of a sudden it hit me… it’s not just that summer time is slipping away, my “babies” are growing up much too quickly!!! I need to enjoy the days that I have with them while they still want me around… to play, to cuddle, and to just be there without the constant distractions of every day life. And because every post is better with a picture here is one of my boys from a few days ago.

I noticed it was much too quiet for a house where I’m the only female so when I went to investigate this is what I found. This picture makes my heart happy! :-)

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  • So sweet! I have conflicted feelings about the end of summer- there are these sweet sweet moments… but I am also looking forward to school getting back in session :)

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