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my boys

Today I took a break from endless hours of editing and spent the day enjoying my boys. I was thinking about how fast summer time seems to be flying by when all of a sudden it hit me… it’s not just that summer time is slipping away, my “babies” are growing up much too quickly!!! I need to enjoy the days that I have with them while they still want me around… to play, to cuddle, and to just be there without the constant distractions of every day life. And because every post is better with a picture here is one of my boys from a few days ago.

I noticed it was much too quiet for a house where I’m the only female so when I went to investigate this is what I found. This picture makes my heart happy! :-)

Sneak Peek| Lucia

Late last month I flew to Mexico to shoot a wedding for one of my awesome St. Louis brides, Lynne. Lynne’s good friend Lucia, who also happens to be less than a month away from delivering her baby, officiated their beach side ceremony. I was a nervous wreck that she would go into labor while we were in Mexico and Chris (the very awesome but very inexperienced in the birthing of babies host at Xamach Dos) would have to deliver the baby in a cabana during tropical storm Alex. OK, I’m being dramatic but it totally could have happened! On the bright side, Lucia would have had 2 birth photographers to capture the madness for her!
After the wedding ceremony I couldn’t help dragging Lucia onto the beach for an impromptu maternity session. You can’t tell from the photo but we were minutes away from experiencing another torrential downpour. I love how Lucia looks so calm and peaceful in this picture because it’s a true reflection of how she composes herself. I can’t wait to share all of the images from Mexico but until then I hope you enjoy this small sneak peek of Lucia’s mini maternity session. I love comments so feel free to leave some. :)

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